As Americans, we find ways to turn anything into a holiday: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even the Super Bowl.  Originating fifty-three years ago in 1966, the two teams played for the AFL-NFL World Championship game. Then, the two leagues became one in 1970 and each original league became a separate conference: the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The NFC leads the two teams with 27 wins (after February 4, 2018) with the Philadelphia Eagles winning the most recent title and the AFC has 25 titles. The New England Patriots have the record for the most wins with ten rings, their most recent being Super Bowl LI (2016 season), where they beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. The Super Bowl may be the most infamous one bringing together sports lovers and non-sports lovers for a day of food, football, and friends.

Football has become the beloved sport of Americans since 1892, and this is shown by the NFL’s annual revenue of nine billion dollars. With thirty-two teams, it is all day entertainment for families, whether they enjoy football or not. Tailgates bring food and friends together outside the stadiums as pregame hype for at least the first half of Sunday, and when the sun starts to set above the stadium, excited fans file into their seats as the two teams rush onto the field. Kick off brings enough excitement and competitiveness into the stadium to grasp the attention of even the people who do not enjoy sports. Perhaps that is why Americans spend an estimated 14.1 billion dollars on the biggest game of the year whether it is on food, decorations, or tickets to the big game.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl.

Whether it is the tradition, the love of sports, or the success in the industry, the beloved day of football, food, and friends is here for the long haul. The 120 years of entertainment, tradition, excitement, and unity that football brings to the household makes the multi-billion dollar industry work and stay more than afloat. The traditions from Sundays will live on for generations to come as they did from years past.

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