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The Impact of Internet Use on Teens

Over the past few years, Internet use has been increasing rapidly among children and adults alike. We all rely on it for everyday purposes, whether it be checking the weather, beating our high score on Candy Crush, or researching information for articles. There is no doubt that one of the …

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Why is Twitter Shutting Down Vine?

Vine, the mobile application which allows users to create and share six-second long videos, is facing the end of its six seconds of fame.  Twitter’s announcement Thursday stating that it would be “discontinuing the mobile app” came at the dismay of the app’s reportedly 200 million monthly users. With many …

Is social media unhealthy?

Does Social Media Make You Inept or Tech Savvy? (Opinion)

I recently saw the new James Bond movie, Spectre, and it majorly inspired some social commentary for me about the nature of information sharing and the new commonality of public lifestyles. Although I digress on how advisable it is to base social criticism after a fictional story line about a …