Going through a school day without having to feel tired, or as if I am going to fall asleep is unimaginable. After long days at school with loads of work, it would be ideal to come home and relax in order to be prepared for the next day; but in reality, students come home with much more work then they do at school. This work is taking all night for many students and in order to keep their grades solid, students need to finish the work which causes them to receive an unsatisfactory amount of sleep. The struggle for favorable grades and a spot in college is growing and students are becoming overloaded in order to fulfill it. High school students are constantly being overworked because of the competition to get into college and the sleep deprivation most students suffer through.

College. College is what everything you work for in school is about. In high school, students are especially stressed because college is approaching soon for them and the competition is skyrocketing. The competition for acceptance into colleges is tough, and to stand out students want to show that they can take multiple rigorous courses and keep a high GPA. Loading extreme amounts of AP and dual enrollment classes is how students show their abilities to colleges. High school students have to take challenging AP courses to show their dedication to education, and with certain AP classes only being offered certain years, loading up on them seems to be the only option to get colleges to acknowledge you. Also, with competition from many different countries as well, it feels like going insane with challenging classes only thing to do. The stress and competition to be accepted into a college you want to attend to is making students work too hard.

When taking an immense amount of difficult courses, there is always lots of homework, projects, and studying you need to do- sleep never gets priority. The recommended amount of sleep is 8 to 10 hours and it is extremely unhealthy to get improper amounts of sleep because it could lead to anxiety and depression. Imagine the low levels of sleep in college when there is more work and more challenging classes. With competition from many students all over the world taking challenging classes and applying to the same colleges, taking these demanding classes as well are the only way to compete. The variety and difficulty of classes sets you apart from others, but it causes sleep struggles as a result of too much homework and a huge amount of stress about the future. High school students are being overworked with constant worry about the education later in life and their bodies are hurting because of this with an insignificant amount of rest. After a long day of learning at school, I dread coming home and having to do more work. Insignificant amounts of sleep could affect the quality of student’s work, and poor work is unacceptable for college. With more than half of high school teenagers being sleep deprived, it is pretty clear that we are getting overworked.

Overall, when just thirty minutes of extra sleep or less homework brings so much joy and relief to a student, something wrong is going on. There needs to be change with the amount of work students have to deal with and the amount of competition in a valuable college. Having to pull all-nighters to finish projects and assignments is the usual now, and in the future I hope it does not get worse. The overloaded high school students are being worked like a factory machine with effects like getting a percentage of the sleep they should and always dealing with the competition for the best future.

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