Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released on December 18th, 2015. Disney took a chance by releasing it in the winter. Most winter movies struggle to gross $100 million but Star Wars grossed an enormous $238 million opening. Clearly, Star Wars 7 is one of the most popular movies of 2015, if not of all time.

Star Wars is a saga about a group of people called Jedi who are strong at wielding a mystical force called “The Force”. However, a group of people called the Sith Lords try to use The Force for evil. The Sith Lords command a group called the The First Order.

In this episode, the focus is on a young girl named Rey who grew up on a desert planet in poverty. There she is joined by a runaway soldier from The First Order named Finn. Together they are trying to deliver a map to a rebel group called The Resistance.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finn and Rey running from an explosion.

Finn and Rey run away from a very big explosion.

While the plot to the new episode is interesting, it is quite similar to some of the other episodes, especially Episode IV. For example, as the saga is a group of three trilogies, it seems a bit cliché that all of the main characters are found in poverty on a desert planet. Also, in this movie the Resistance has to blow up what is basically another Death Star. While this one is larger and more advanced, the plot is basically the same. There is a group of pilots flying X-Wings trying to blow up a weak spot on a giant Death Star. They probably should have chosen a more original ending, but the movie did incredibly well in theatres all the same.

Another well-developed point that I appreciated was that you got to see a stormtrooper as an individual, as opposed to just another soldier in a giant mass. The Sith Lords also had a well-developed back story. Star Wars also did a good job of creating suspense about the story of the protagonist Rey. I also thought it was interesting to see famous actors like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher return to the story.

Overall, I think this movie was fairly well-developed despite some lapses in creativity. It exceeded most of my expectations and I would recommend it for fans of the saga.



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