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YouTube has been giving loyal fans free music and videos ever since 2005, and has since made a tremendous impact across the globe. Many artists have been using YouTube as a platform to share their music with the world, and regular people have become famous from their hilarious moments caught on camera.

Now, YouTube is offering their fans a new experience, Red. Red is a subscription plan that has been available to fans since October 28th, 2015 for $9.99 a month. When people become a member of Red, they will have the chance to access ad-free videos, music, and starting next year, original movies and shows.  Members will also be able to save videos to watch offline on any mobile device. Additionally, Red members will have an opportunity to use background play; this means that the video chosen will continue to play even when the user is on another website or app, similar to Spotify. Future members will have an opportunity to try YouTube Red for a one-month free trial.

Google Play Music members already have a piece of the action. They automatically receive a free Red subscription. Members of Red will also be able to own a Google Play Music subscription. This obviously proves that Google, YouTube’s parent company, is attempting to attract more members as well.

Google Play Music googlemusic

This move from YouTube is certainly not a surprise. With over 1 billion users, YouTube needed to make sure that apps like Spotify and Pandora doesn’t steal YouTube users. And, with the announcement of original shows and movies, it’s clear that the company is expanding to an even broader audience, competing against companies such as Netflix and Hulu. With Red comes more members and most certainly more money for Google and Alphabet, Google’s new parent company.

This is not the first attempt from YouTube to gain more fans. YouTube Kids and Gaming apps have already been developed in an effort to offer more for the public. YouTube is most certainly a force to be reckoned with, and will continue to be growing and becoming extremely popular as it attracts more of the people today who want music, videos, and more all in one place.



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