On June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs released a new product that shocked the modern society- the iPhone.

This revolutionary device changed the way people would interact with one another. This new cell phone had a never before seen multi-touch screen, a connection to the internet, and the ability to listen to music, just like an iPod!

Now, over a decade later, the Apple company is releasing their new anniversary phone: the iPhone X.

Despite its cheesy name (Apple has repeatedly stated that the product is pronounced the “iPhone Ten,” and not the “iPhone Ex”), the new iPhone is different from anything Apple has ever created before. With a flashy edge-to-edge OLED display, a new A11 processing chip, Face ID, new AR features and more, many critics are hailing it the best phone of 2017.

But is it really worth it?

With a plethora of new features, it seems like a no-brainer that the iPhone is worth it. However, with a staggering starting price of $1,000 USD, it might be tough to make the decision to switch to the new iPhone.

Even if you do have the ability to pay the price for a new phone, perhaps you would rather buy another phone, the Galaxy S8/Note 8.

Both of Samsung’s new and highly popular cell phones also offer some of Apple’s elusive features, such as an edge-to-edge OLED display and a Snapdragon 835 core processor chip. Some consumers might even prefer the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for keeping vital features that Apple has put on the chopping block. Apple has infamously removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, while Samsung has continuously kept t on all of its devices. Also on the new iPhone X, Apple has now removed the key feature of Touch ID from the device, while opting for the new Face ID. Like the headphone jack, Samsung has still included fingerprint-unlock in the Galaxy S8 and note 8.

But, much like the iPhone X, the costs for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are pretty hefty. The Galaxy S8 starts at a price of $699.95, while the Note 8 starts at $949.99, similar to the cost of the iPhone X.

A second possible competitor to the iPhone X could be the newly released Google Pixel 2.

While not as flashy as the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8/Note 8 (many critics say the Pixel 2 has a “dated design”), the Pixel 2’s main selling point is its highly rated camera and software. The Pixel 2 currently has the best camera out of any cell phone on the market, and is strong enough to even rival professional digital cameras. Along with the new Android Oreo software, the Pixel 2 could be very enticing to potential phone buyers. With a price tag of $649, similar to the Galaxy S8, this new Google phone is certainly an option to consider.

All in all, the iPhone X is still the iPhone X. While some may dislike the odd design, with a strange cutout for the camera at the top of the display, Apple products and new iPhones always define the tech industry. While people may be sad about losing Touch ID, the new Face ID feature might pique the interests of others. The flashy new edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, and water resistance seem promising as well. With a $1000 price tag and several competitors to choose from though, is the new iPhone really worth it? Of course, the choice is yours.

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