In the recent months, the stock markets have been on a run of terrible lows and historic highs for many of society’s best stocks. So, that raises the question of what stocks to buy at this fragile point on Wall Street.

Thor Industries Inc. (THO)-

Thor Industries, an Ohio based RV manufacturer, sells RVs independently in Canada and the United States. With the summer coming increasingly close, RV sales are skyrocketing, thus increasing the overall stocks of such companies. In March alone, Thor Industries has added 11.6% to its stocks, making it a big standout for April.

Express Inc. (EXPR)-

Express Inc. is a special retailer for men’s and women’s clothes across America. The company is set to have a great year ahead of them as they look to fulfill their expected growth of 16.9% EPS throughout 2016. Their price to earnings ratio is also 12.29, a stunning 4 points better than the industry average of 16.23. This stock is sure to please anyone.

Mattel Inc. (MAT)-

Mattel, the renowned maker of Barbie, is slowly making gains with steady and safe moves, like bringing body types to its classic Barbie. While having a superb year, their stocks have done very well in the past 3 months alone, increasing from $26.92 to $34.26. Without skyrocketing too much and with little publicity, Mattel seems to be in a rebuilding stage of trying to slowly upbring the recently fading name. They are a definite stock to watch for the month of April.

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)-

Tesla’s run in the March can only be explained as extraordinary. With stocks slowly slipping, they picked up drastically, and went from $205.29 to $255.47. The recent sales of the Tesla Model X are also reminiscent of the upward trend the stock will hold.

Alphabet Inc. Class C. (GOOG)-
Google, though owned by the conglomerate known as Alphabet Inc., seems to be heading even farther up toward a massive sum of $750 per share. In March alone, the stock went from $695.18 to an astounding $737.80. Though pricey, this stock is sure to fetch you a big bang for your buck.


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