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This final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was another exchange of important information. The most important aspects of the debate were when the questions regarding the Supreme Court, immigration, and the legitimacy of the election.

The Supreme Court is probably the most important issue America faces in the next election. The reason this issue is rising in importance is because we now have a Court with eight deadlocked judges due to the death of Justice Scalia. Both candidates outlined their points of view on the constitution, and why their pick would be better. Clinton’s statement on the new Justices was simple: she doesn’t want a person who would reverse marriage equality and Roe V. Wade. Trump’s statement on the other hand used this question to outline how he is pro-life and that the second amendment (the right to bear arms) is under siege. He also said that Clinton wants to either repeal it or put unconstitutional sanctions on it. Now comes the important part: determining whose view is a better fit for our country. I tend to think that we should keep the government out of nearly every aspect of our life, but I also think that things the Constitution says are powers delegated to the state and should stay delegated to the state. This means the government should not impose any laws regarding abortion, and that the government should not take away or put ridiculous sanctions on guns. This also means, contrary to my beliefs, that while the marriage equality bill was of good intent, is in fact not in the power of the national government to decide. Marriage is specifically delegated as a state power, and it should stay that way. This section of the debate Trump won, because his platform fits with the Constitution, and has the best interest of the people.

The second important topic of the debate was the discussion of immigration and the border. Trump’s statement in this portion of the debate was true to what he said in the primary elections. His plan is to stop all illegal immigration, and in certain cases, if people register legally with the government, that they may be allowed in the United States. His plan involves a deportation force, more border security, and most importantly, a wall along the southern border of the U.S. Clinton’s statement on immigration was unclear. Trump used this opportunity to attack her on multiple items including how she supported a wall in the past, and how she is quoted to want completely open borders. She was defeated on all accounts on this topic, letting Trump win this portion of the debate.

The last important note of the debate was the talk about how legitimate the election results will be, and in my opinion most people are misunderstanding what Trump meant when he questioned the results validity. Trump was using this segment not to say that the government is actually a rigged system, but that the media is against him. This point was meant to draw in more people that supported Bernie Sanders because they believe that Clinton stole the primaries from him. The reason this was brought up is because Bernie was dominating Hillary in the primary debates, and the same is happening now with Trump instead of Bernie. Trumps point is that much like Bernie, the media is against him and favors Clinton. I do not think this segment had a clear winner.

In conclusion, Donald Trump clearly won the third and final debate on the account that he solved any and all problems that he had going into the debate, and how he beat Hillary Clinton on both policy and honesty.

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