The College Crisis: How to Prepare for College

In high school, there are two types of students. Some students are ambitious scholars, and college is what they most they look forward to all throughout high school. It is what drives them to keep up their grades, take rigorous courses, and finish their homework no matter how long it takes. These students are desperate to participate in anything that could embellish their future college applications, searching for anything that could better their chances of getting into their dream school. College has become so competitive and prestigious in today’s world that these determined scholars constantly have the thought of college looming in the back of their minds.

Other students have the opposite approach when it comes to college. They adopt a lazy mind set and put off preparing for college until their junior or senior year. These types of students tend to slack off throughout high school, but then expect to magically have their dream school begging at their feet. But they cannot expect to get accepted into their ideal university by passively participating in school. Without an organized and intelligent plan of preparation, it is difficult to have your college fantasy come to life. Because of this, I believe that it is never too early to start prepping for your college education.

Start preparing for college as early as you can. College is not something to procrastinate on. Yes, you can technically wait until your junior year to contemplate what colleges would be best for you. However, that would create pressure to choose a school in a timely manner, leading to hasty decisions. To be safe, start preparing right when you enter high school. This ensures that you will have a general idea of what you are passionate about and what colleges offer the best education in your field of study by the time you are a senior. Now the real question: How exactly do you prepare for college? A great way to begin is to sign up for information sessions when colleges visit your home town. Ask questions, take notes, and take home as many brochures as you need. Also, go to college fairs and introduce yourself to all of the college representatives. Making good first impressions on these representatives is vital, so be sure to dress appropriately and speak politely. If you are lucky enough to have college representatives come visit your high school, take advantage of the opportunity and sit in on the information sessions. Lastly, visiting the campus is the most important aspect of preparing for college. However informative the virtual tours may be, or how helpful the website pictures, you never truly know the university is best for you until you step foot on the campus.

Below are some links to helpful websites that can help you browse potential colleges, create an organized list of your top picks, provide information on college fairs near you. They will give you an abundance of other college information that will hopefully enlighten you on the importance of preparing for college…early!



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