What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is the Hindi film industry that stands for the words Bombay and Hollywood. It produces many movies in India, much like Hollywood in America. Similar to how most of the famous stars in the United States work in Hollywood, the famous actors and actresses in India will likewise work in Bollywood.

The Dance Style:

In Bollywood movies, dancing is an extensive part of the job. Each movie has multiple songs, and every song has a corresponding dance to go with it. The actors and actresses have to be highly skilled in dancing because it is an essential part, adding to the movie immensely. Fans enjoy movies greatly due to the dancing in them, especially as Bollywood dancing is very diverse and contains all styles of dance. It is a unique combination of all Indian dancing: traditional, classical, or folk dancing, along with modern styles from all over the world. This does not necessarily mean that dancers have to know all the styles, but one can learn different steps and moves from many diverse types of dance. Also, facial expressions are crucial to this type of dance. The expressions convey the plots, and they enrich the dancing, turning it into a story. Moreover, the facials are a great experience for the audience as they provide much entertainment.

Bollywood dance is a very glorious type of art that people of all ages can do. It can be a hobby that people do for fun, or it can be a sport that they can compete in. It can be fast or slow, and is extremely enjoyable to partake in. You can learn this dance at many different studios all around the world and there are many amazing professionals who offer instruction. Bollywood dance is a very prominent style of dance and it is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

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