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The Mr. Hyde in Us All

“He put the glass to his lips, and drank at one gulp. A cry followed; he reeled, staggered, clutched at the table and held on, staring with injected eyes, gasping with open mouth; and as I looked there came, I thought, a change—he seemed to swell—his face became suddenly black …

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The Declaration of Independence

In honor of the 240th Independence Day of the United States of America, here is the history of the Declaration’s conception. Beginning with the Proclamation of 1763 stating that colonists could not settle on the land that they had just fought an entire war to gain, the thirteen colonies of …

Monitor vs. Merrimack, civil war first ironclad warships

The First Ironclad Warship

When we imagine old means of aquatic transportation, our thoughts immediately flit to the old wooden sailing ship. But, surprising as it might sound, these ships were the primary tool of sailing over 150 years ago. Only after the 1860’s did ironclad warships appear. So, how did we get from …

Civil War Battle Scene 1887 creative commons

Book Review: A Chain of Thunder by Jeff Shaara

Jeff Shaara has continued the legacy of his father through his prequel and sequel to Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels, culminating a trilogy capturing the American Civil War, and has once again triumphed in that era with A Chain of Thunder. Things look bleak for the men in blue as …