For decades, the future has been depicted with new and innovative technology — flying cars, conscious machines, and resurrections of extinct species. As science advances, this future is starting to become a reality. Aeromobil, a small Slovakian firm, has recently announced that their new flying car will be made commercially available for preorder. The grand unveiling will take place at the Top Marques Show in Monaco on April 20th.

According to Aeromobil, the two seater car is a “completely integrated aircraft as well as a fully functioning four-wheeled car, powered by hybrid propulsion. By combining aero and car functionality in perfect harmony it heralds a new era in efficient and exciting travel, offering users an unparalleled choice of transport on the road or in the air.” The exterior has a full carbon composite body, while the interior has patented steering controls and advanced avionics, as well lightweight landing gear. The transformation from car to aircraft only takes around two minutes.


The company’s aim with this new ingenious vehicle is to make an environmentally conscious car that will both provide efficient personal transportation and faster door-to-door travel. In order to use the vehicle, the operator must have both a driver’s and pilot’s license.

The prototype of the Aeromobil was originally introduced back in 2014, but in 2015, the company had a setback when it crashed in a test flight. Thankfully, the pilot, Stefan Klein, was able to deploy the aircraft parachute which saved his life. This incident was looked into, and development of the design continued.

The 2014 Aeromobil prototype.

After $3.2 million in funding and years of development and research, the flying car will finally be available to “wealthy supercar buyers and flight enthusiasts”, according to Juraj Vaculík, the company’s CEO and co-founder. The big question here is, will the Aeromobil be a niche product aimed at only supercar buyers, or will it be able to appeal to the general public and eventually become part of our daily lives? Nevertheless, the introduction of the Aeromobil is just the beginning of the more advanced and cutting-edge future of transportation.

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