The television show The Jetsons made viewers dream of the future, picturing a perfect utopian society with technology that eliminates all difficulties. Though we haven’t reached that point yet, a new announcement seems to take us one step closer: the guarantee of a BMW autonomous car by 2021.

The Ultimate Partnership

BMW, even with their talented workforce, obviously could not develop such groundbreaking technology without help; that’s why they have Intel and Mobileye as partners. Intel probably reminds you of the processor in your computer, but Mobileye may not ring a bell. Mobileye is an Israeli company founded in 1999 that specializes in developing computer vision technology.

Will the BMW Autonomous Car be Safe?

Although BMW seems to have the right people behind the job, it’s still no easy task. Even if BMW manages to make the iNext perfectly safe, the public will consist of skeptics. Though seen as a nuisance to car manufacturers, the skeptics have a reason to be hesitant. After all, this technology is brand new, and there is no guarantee that it will be sufficient enough to deal with all the problems the road has to offer. That said, it is possible to develop safe driverless technology, and we therefore must be open-minded.

BMW inext concept car

The autonomous iNext concept car.

The autonomous iNext concept car.

The Competitive Market

BMW isn’t the only car company that dreams big. From Google to Volvo to research from Stanford, everyone wants a piece in the action. Only time will tell which company is most successful at maximizing profit, and, more importantly, at developing the safest driverless vehicle.


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